96731-200Metered Parking


Hours of enforcement 12 NOON – 11 PM Monday through Sunday (7 days a week) including holidays – Metered Parking will continue to be in force from April 1st through December 7, 2020.

For Assistance: Text (preferred) or call the parking department at 631-228-8039.
In an emergency, speak to a Code Enforcement Officer at 631-774-0066

Port Jefferson residents displaying a valid resident sticker park free in Village lots.

Parking violation tickets will be issued when necessary.


(Please note your space number when parking)

– PAY BY METER or BY APP (Same rate)

– RATES: Monday through Thursday – $0.50 cents per hour

                    Friday through Sunday – $1 per hour

– Each parking space is identified by a number.
– Remember the number of your space.
– Locate a pay station in or near the parking lot.
– Pay stations accept payment in coins, parking tokens, credit cards, and smart cards.
– You may pay at any pay station.

Follow the easy directions on the face of the meter. After paying, the pay station will issue a paper receipt. Keep your receipt. It shows when your time expires, the number of the space your car is in, and an ID CODE you can to extend your time at ANY METER. You do not need to display the receipt in your car.

Ask if the business or restaurant you are at will pay for all or part of your parking – many do!

Free On-Street Parking

– On-street parking is free.
– Time limits are shown on roadway signs.
– Most time limits are one hour or less.
– Time limits are strictly enforced

If I have a handicapped parking permit, do I have to pay to park?

You do not have to pay to park with a valid handicapped parking permit or plate in a numbered space for free.

Do you have to pay for on-street parking spaces?

On street parking is free, but is timed parking.

8091311_origSmart Card Instructions

How the Smart Card system works

Now you can buy prepaid parking at 20% off! Get a smart card and reduce your parking costs in Port Jeff Village – Use yourself or give to an employee!

Just text (631) 228-8039 to order yours today! We will even deliver to you!

  • Smart Cards can also be purchased at Village Hall
  • First purchase is minimum of $25 for 50 hours of parking, includes cost of card
  • Cards are RENEWABLE at a 20% discount; a $10 refill would appear on the user’s card as $12 when inserted into the meter.

Directions to pay for a space using a Smart Card

Please use the smart card at the meter like a credit card

For Assistance:

Text the Parking Help Desk at (631) 228-8039



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