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Port Jefferson Farmer’s Market

TEMPORARY LOCATION: MAY 2020 it will be located at the Mariners Way/Gap parking lot location off Arden Place

We need the support from our local community to help keep our market running and continue to provide entertainment and activities each week.
If your organization or local business would like to be a corporate sponsor of the 2020 season of the Port Jefferson Farmers Market, please contact Barbara Sakovich at Village Hall at 631-473-4724.


Summer Farmers Market

Starts Sunday, May 10th



LOCATION: As of June 21, 2020, we will return to Harborfront Park

Summer Farmers Market Please join us at the Port Jefferson Summer Farmers Market on Sunday May 10th 2020 from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and every Sunday through November 15th 2020 to be held at Jeanne Garant Harborfront Park.

Purchase local produce, honey, bread and baked goods, seafood, international specialties, plants and flower bouquets. Live music.

This year’s vendors include:

  • Sweets by Amy
  • AB Fresh Food
  • Natural Hounds LLC
  • Bee Natural Body Care
  • Arlotta Food Studio
  • Maryhaven Center of Hope
  • Turmeric Store
  • Laurel’s Butter
  • Beaverdam Organic Farms
  • Priscillas Farm
  • Malik Farms LLC
  • JoAnns Desserts Inc.
  • Quality Parks
  • Condzella Farm
  • The Ferm Kombucha
  • Twin Stills Moonshine
  • Mecox Bay Dairy
  • Pickle Packin’ Papa
  • Foundation for Wellness Professionals
  • Terra Nut
  • The Spice Cabinet
  • Modern Primal Soap
  • Naela’s Organics
  • Beewitched Bee
  • Knot of this World
  • The Perfect Pickle
  • Sweet Melissa Dip
  • Bambino Ravioli
  • Grow
  • Pecks of Maine
  • Caiike
  • Lite Hearted Foods
  • Rustic Bread

Sundays Market Rules


For the 2020 season , options are available with two space sizes:

Full season:              10×10 space   – $600/season (New Vendors)    or      10×10 space – $500/season (Existing Vendors) 

Vendors are expected to attend every week with the exception of the dates listed on the application.   

Failure to show up for two consecutive weeks (without prior notification) will give the Village the right to evoke your permit and reassign another vendor to your location. 

Due to space limitations, we are unable to offer partial season spaces this season.

Fees are payable in advance, before the beginning of the season.


Vendors will be assigned a location by our Farmers Market manager.  Tents must be held down by weights and not stakes in the ground.  Be sure to have extra weights in the event of high winds.  In the event of inclement weather, the location will be moved inside the Village Center on the 1st and 2nd floors. The Market Manager and the Code Officer will instruct when and where to unload your vehicle and where to park your vehicle for the duration of the market.  Spaces will be assigned based on the needs of each vendor and is at the discretion of Market Manager. Please be sure to notify us of any special space requirements at the time of your application (e.g. additional parking for vehicles). Spaces must have signage that clearly identifies the business name of the vendor and location.   There will be no parking in your vendor space….you will be instructed where to park your vehicle once you unload.


A certificate of insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate for Premises Liability, Products/Completed Operations  which would apply to bodily injury or property damage  for produce consumed and resulting in illness.   The “Incorporated Village of Port Jefferson, 121 West Broadway, Port Jefferson, NY 11777” must be listed as additional insured and certificate holder on your policy. If you need assistance in obtaining such coverage, please notify us.


All setup must take place between 8:00AM and 9:00AM, and must be removed by 2:00PM on Sunday. Vendors arriving after 8:00AM who cannot set up by the beginning of the market will forfeit your space in the market and will be given a space in the back, if available and if it is safe to do so.


Each vendor is expected to clean his/her assigned spot at the end of each day and to keep it neat during the period that the market is open and to dump their trash in the dumpster behind the Village Center.  Developing and keeping a good community image is key.


Items must be grown, gathered, produced and/or processed on Long Island, NY. Specific products may be deemed ineligible for sale by the Economic Development Council and/or the designated market manager(s) if they are not representative of items for sale at the Farmers Market. If there are questions regarding the sale of specific items please contact us and/or provide detailed information with your application.  Specific products may be granted an exception if produced off Long Island, if such product is unavailable from a Long Island producer, and product is still deemed to be “local” within NY state, or neighboring state.


We strive to have a wide variety of products at the market from as many vendors as possible. Every attempt will be made to separate competing vendors in the market given that enough space is available to do so.

Music and Marketing

In an effort to attract repeat and new customers to the market and make the Market experience more enjoyable for the vendors/shoppers, we will attempt to have musicians every Sunday, as well as various community outreach tents.  Each vendor to donate an item of your choice, which will be presented to the musician in a “thank you package” for their services, or may be used occasionally as a raffle incentive to encourage Farmer’s Market customers to participate in email blasts or advertising special events at the Market, etc.                                                           

Additional Regulations

All vendors are responsible to understand and comply with Department of Agriculture and Health Department rules and regulations regarding growing, handling, processing, sampling, and vending their products. Additionally, vendors are responsible for complying with any other applicable laws and regulations regarding their participation in the market.

Sundays 9:00AM to 2:00PM, May 5 through November 10, 2019 (weather permitting). Located at the Mayor Jeanne Garant Harborfront Park at the Village Center.

The Port Jefferson Farmers Market is sponsored by the Port Jefferson Economic Development Council, and was created to pursue the following goals:

  • To expand the availability of foods that are fresh, full-flavored, unique, healthy, and nutritious to the Port Jefferson residential community
  • To promote the productivity and sale of locally-grown farm products
  • To contribute to the vitality of the Village of Port Jefferson
  • To provide the opportunity for consumers to interact directly with growers and other producers to learn about their products and build relationships
  • To give growers and producers of local agricultural commodities and other farm-related products direct marketing opportunities to our residents, visitors, and local businesses.
  • To enhance the quality of life in and around Port Jefferson Village by providing an activity which fosters community and social interaction.





  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    I expressly acknowledge that the permission granted hereunder is freely revocable by the Village and in view of such fact, I expressly assume the risk of making any expenditure in connection with this permission, even if such expenditures are substantial. Without limiting any indemnification obligations of myself or other waivers contained in this permission and as a material part of the consideration for this permission, I fully RELEASE, WAIVE AND DISCHARGE forever any and all claims, demands, rights, and causes of action against, and covenants not to sue, Village, its departments, commissions, officers, directors and employees, and all persons acting by, through or under each of them, under any present or future laws, statutes, or regulations, in the event that Village exercises its right to revoke or terminate this permission. I understand and agree that neither the VILLAGE OF PORT JEFFERSON nor any of its officers, agents, volunteers or employees shall be held responsible or made the subject of any claim for damages or liability arising from personal injury, property damage or loss of any sort to me, my guests, my customers, or any other person or loss of any other sort arising out of or related to participation in programs at Village Farmers Market. I HEREBY AGREE TO FULLY RELEASE, INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS THE VILLAGE OF PORT JEFFERSON, ITS OFFICERS, AGENTS, VOLUNTEERS AND EMPLOYEES FROM ANY SUCH CLAIM, LIABILITY OR LOSS. I understand that I release and give permission for photos or depiction of my business and people to be used for Port Jefferson Farmers’ Market promotion purposes. I have read all of the above and agree to all of the terms and rules of this agreement, and hereby make application to become a vendor at the Port Jefferson Farmers’ Market for the year of 2018.