RFP for the Port Jefferson Country Club



The Village of Port Jefferson, in cooperation with the current Licensee, The Crest Group, has published a “Request for Proposal” seeking proposals from willing parties to assume the operation of the restaurant and catering facilities at the Port Jefferson Country Club effective January 1, 2019.

The current operating agreement has 6 years left before expiration, and because interested parties including the current Licensee would like to make substantial improvements to the facility – both cosmetic and capital in nature, the current licensee recommended opening the RFP process to enable the ultimate operator to have a longer license period to recoup their investment. The Village can only extend the time line of the operating agreement by going out for this public RFP.

We welcome all interested parties to submit proposals as the Village continues to strive to bring first class services to our members, residents and the general public up at our beautiful waterfront club facility. We are interested in hearing as many proposals as possible in order to make the best selection for the long term interest of the Village.


Revised Due Date – December 7, 2018 at 10am


RFP Legal Notice for the Port Jefferson Country Club

RFP Application Process Packet for the Port Jefferson Country Club

Questions & Answers about the PJCC for the RFP