The Treasury Department is located on the second floor of Village Hall and is staffed by Treasurer Denise Mordente, Accountant Lynn Spero and Senior Account Clerk Michelle Ferrante.  One of the busiest departments in the Village, you will see the counting of coin, depositing of checks, payroll, accounts payable and receivable and purchase order and warrants being generated and accounted for every day. The Treasurer is charged with the significant responsibility of preparing the Village’s annual $8 + million Dollar budget pursuant to the laws of New York State and the rules and regulations as mandated by the New York State Comptrollers office. Each year the Village voluntarily subjects their operations to an internal audit performed by an outside accounting firm for a second “checks and balances” system to ensure tax payer dollars are being managed and utilized at a premier benefit to the residents and tax payers alike.

Importantly, the Treasure’s office is also instrumental in managing cash flow and capital accounts for the capital projects such as our roadway repair and paving projects, beach restoration and DEC grants by budgeting special assessments that are then set aside in capital accounts reserved and separate from the operating budget. They watch dog the projects and carefully manage the bidding process, estimates and contract awards to again, ensure tax payer dollars are being maximized.

The Treasurer’s office also acts as the Country Club business management office, sending and receiving membership applications and managing the contractors, staff and $1.8 million dollar Country Club budget. Most visitors will be pleased when next returning to the second floor treasury as they recently received a ‘face lift’ with new carpeting and a serious spring cleaning!

Please contact our Treasurer Denise Mordente at or call 631-473-4724 for assistance.

The treasurer’s office is open Monday thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.