Sanitation and Garbage Carters

Recently there have been numerous inquiries regarding Sanitation and Garbage Carters operating in the Village of Port Jefferson. In an effort to explain and clarify the process involved in obtaining a Special License (in accordance with Village Code Chapter 151), which grants a company permission to collect rubbish in the Village of Port Jefferson, the following information is being presented for your information and understanding.

Garbage Carting Procedures

Any Carting Company that wishes to apply for a Special License to gather, collect or dispose of commercial and/ or residential waste, refuse rubbish and trash in the Village of Port Jefferson must comply with the following regulations;

  • Complete the Application
  • Provide the Village with a $2,500.00 Bond Payment
  • Provide proof of Liability, Property and Workmen’s Compensation Insurance
  • Pay a processing fee of $50.00, plus $10.00 per truck operating within the Village

Once the carting company has completed the process they are licensed for a one year period, by the Village, to collect garbage from Commercial and Residential Customers within the Village of Port Jefferson.

Licensed Garbage Carting Companies in the Village

As of February 1, 2019 the following carters have applied for and received licenses to collect garbage in the Village of Port Jefferson

  • Colucci Carting
  • Jet Sanitation
  • National Waste
  • Maggio
  • Quickway
  • Superior
  • V. Garofalo
  • Winters Brothers

The Village does not dictate what areas of the Village the carter must service.
The carter is independent of the Village and is allowed to service Commercial and/or Residential customers as it sees fit.

Each homeowner is free to contract with any licensed carter to collect garbage. If your carter has recently stopped servicing your location, or if you wish to change carters you are free contact any other licensed carter to inquire if they are willing to provide garbage service to your location.

The Village does not favor, support, sponsor or endorse the use of one carter over another.