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State Assemblyman Steve Englebright called the relationship between LIPA and National Grid “unbalanced” and said that the “unfavorable terms of the PSA are left over from a different era, an era of broken markets that supposedly ended with the advent of the current electricity markets.”

“The relationship between National Grid and LIPA is the problem,” Englebright said.

Supervisor Lesko called on the FERC to investigate National Grid to see if residents have been harmed by the company’s practices that appear to have “caused and continues to cause quantifiable harm to Long Island customers.”

There is no question that the cost of power in Suffolk, third highest in the nation, has a negative impact of substantial proportions,” he wrote in a letter to the FERC. “If the dominant generator of our power is willfully engaged in practices that contribute to massive inefficiency and disproportional emissions, then that dominant market player must be held accountable by FERC.
-Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone