From the Mayor’s Desk

June 12, 2018

Please be advised that I have been made aware by residents of our community that the Middle School Dance is on June 14th and the Senior Prom is on June 25th. We welcome all of our residents and parents to come down and enjoy Harborfront Park on this special occasion and have taken steps to notify our Code Enforcement Bureau to be on site at Harborfront Park during the time photos are being taken to assist the community.

I have authorized the Code Bureau to allow parking along the northern curb line of the parking lot along Surf Avenue. You can also park in Centennial Beach parking lot, the Fifth Season lot, Danford’s lot and Bakers Alley lot. No resident is allowed to park in the traffic circle at any time and the roadway must be kept open so there is a safe passageway in the event of an emergency.

While the Code Enforcement Bureau has been directed to work with the community to allow for the sudden onset and flow of cars and traffic at the Park, please also keep in mind that anyone who displays a vagrant disregard towards our constables or who parks illegally blocking access, will in turn, result in Code doing their job to act accordingly.

I am hoping that we can all enjoy this special time with our community and act in a safe and civil manner. I also want to congratulate all of our graduates and hope they all have a safe and happy graduation and prom season.