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Department Of Public Works

The Department of Public Works was created to merge the Parks Department with the Highway Department. Lead by Superintendent Steve Gallagher, the department works in the wee hours of the morning when most of us are barely peeking at the light of dawn, emptying garbage pales, cutting the lawns, sweeping the streets, watering flowers, paving potholes, replacing drainage drywells, removing snow, leaves, braches and debris from our roadways and doing all the jobs that make Port Jefferson shine first thing in the morning. The labor crew is diverse and seasoned, and you will see them wearing bright yellow/green tops when working to not only identify them, but to keep them from harms way.
In the winter time, our crew is called out to remove snow from both our roads and parking lots. Roads in Port Jefferson are maintained meticulously as it is a priority for our schools and hospitals to be accessible in the inclement weather.

The Department of Public works is busy round the clock working to sustain and goinggreen-400x315improve Port’s infrastructure, roads and numerous amenities. They work hard. Next time you see a truck with a few yellow/green dressed workers, pull up and say “thanks” – or give a friendly beep on your horn. Remember, we are all in this together!

For more information about the Department of Public Works contact 631-473-4733 or email Christine Tesauro

Trash Removal Options

Quick Way Sanitation: 631-928-4242.

Maggio Environmental Services: 631-696-6300

  • Trash removal, litter removal, street sweeping B.I.D.

    7 days week- 20 garbage cans and 20 recycle cans

    Uptown-Main St/Texaco and Linden, Perry St, LIRR lots, Perry St, P. lot, Oakland Ave, Sheep Pasture Rd., Country Rd Downtown-Main St, Arden Pl, E. Main St., E and W. Broadway, Barnum Ave, Mariners Way, Roessner La, Wynne La.

    The Gap lot, Season lot, Bakers Alley lot, Arden Resident lot, Starbucks lot, stairways to East Main, Rocketship Park

  • Road repair


    Suffolk paving will begin paving on Soundview ave 9/19/17. All local traffic and residents will be allowed through. Short delays may occur.


    Strip paving and pothole repair
    Call 631-473-4733 to report a problem for repair

  • Tree trimming and removal in R.O.W.

    Call 631-473-4733 to report a problem
    If tree is in wires or near wires we can not remove them, please call PSEG at 800-490-0075

  • Spring and fall brush pickup

    2017 Fall Branch Program

    Leaf program- begins Nov 21st through Dec 31st weather permitting

    Bundled and tied brush is picked up throughout the year. Brush must be cut in 4 foot lengths or less and tied to be picked up- call 631-473-4733 to schedule removal

    Please put leaves to curb 7 days prior to area of removal — please help by keeping drains free and clear of leaves and debris. Please place only leaves curbside for pickup. It may not be mixed with grass, brush, shrubs or any other debris. We will not separate leaves from debris and your leaves will not be removed

  • Snow removal-plowing /sanding

    11 trucks with plows and 8 trucks with plows and sanders

    insert safety sheet, no vehicles may be parked on any street within the village during a declared snow emergency event

    Snow clearing
    Priority: main roadways- to keep roads open and safe for all emergency services and public transportation
    Second concern is residential areas to provide access to and from home, work and school as well as all emergency services,
    Third parking lots to provide access to businesses and parking for residents who live in the business district.

    Sidewalk clearing ­—VOPJ in conjunction with B.I.D.

    VOPJ clears any sidewalks in front of PJ-owned properties; sidewalks are cleared of snow in B.I.D. district paid for by the B.I.D. Property and storeowners are still responsible to maintain in front of their property removing snow and salt sanding as per village code

  • Christmas trees

    Place Christmas trees at your curb for pickup and your garbage carter will remove them

  • Appliance pickup

    Washer, dryer, dishwasher, refridgerator, microwave, hot water heater.
    We do not pick up televisions! We do not enter privately maintained communities.

  • R.O.W. Roadside Maint. Mowing

    Tractor with Alamo cutting attachment — wooded areas along main roads within VOPJ

  • Storm drain maint — how to help

    Please keep storm drains in front of your home free and clear of debris and garbage. Storm drains provide rain water and melted snow water to flow freely away from our streets to prevent flooding and ice conditions in the winter months.

    Sump/recharge basin cleaning-please call 631-473-4733

  • 2017 Leaf Pick Up schedule





    Residents who choose to bag their leaves must place them in biodegradable paper leaf bags.  Bags must be filled with leaves.  The village will not pick up bags containing other debris.




    • East Side:   11/20 – 12/03 –  E/S Belle Terre Rd. to E/S of Village Boundary.
      •  Starting at North Country Rd./Columbia
      •       Heading North towards Belle Terre
    • Mid Town: 12/04 – 12/10  – E/S Main St. to W/S Belle Terre Rd.
    •                            Between Belle Terre Rd. & Main St.,
    • starting  Grant & Bleeker heading South
    • West Side: 12/11 – 12/22  –  From Setauket Line to W/S Main St.
    • Starting Sheep Pasture Rd. heading North towards West Broadway 


    • Keep the Streets Debris Free: No Loose Leaves or Bags Curbside

    7 Days Prior to your Scheduled Start Date (Village Code Section 215-14d).

    • Branch Pickup is Separate from Leaf Program. Next Branch Pickup will

    be in April 2018.


    Thank you for your cooperation.  Questions?  Please Call 473-4733

    The Port Jefferson Highway Department, 88 North Country Rd.


    Once we pass through your area we will not return to pick up loose leaves.

    If you bag your leaves in plastic your carter will pick them up.

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