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to the Port Jefferson Village Photo Archive

The Archive provides public access to a variety of materials in its over twenty collections, including photographs, postcards, documents, manuscripts, prints, textual items, maps, drawings, and more.

In addition to its primary Port Jefferson Collection, the Digital Archive’s collections include selections from the surrounding communities.


Search the Digital Archive

To begin a search, type one or more words in the search box located on the right of the page. Search results appear as small images (thumbnails). 


The Port Jefferson Collection is organized by the following subjects: water scenes, street scenes, business, community life, residences, food and lodging, transportation, events, people, the arts, historical maps, and history articles.

Obtaining Copies of Images

Low resolution images on the Digital Archive’s website can be downloaded. You may also purchase a high-resolution copy of an image in the Digital Archive’s collections if the owner of the original grants permission. Contact Us about placing an order, first checking if “sales” are allowed, then referring to the image by its “accession number.” Make your check or money order payable to THE CONSERVANCY.

Fee Structure

8 x 10” $15.00
11 x 17” $25.00
18 x 24” $45.00
24 x 35” $60.00
30 x 48” $75.00
Scanning Services $10.00 per photo


If you are unable to pick up your purchase at the Digital Archive, there is a $5.00 shipping/handling charge per image.

Guidelines for Citing Digital Images

In citing images from the Port Jefferson Village Digital Archive, include the name of the creator (if known); title of the image; phrase “Electronic Record”; accession number; date the information was retrieved; and address (URL).

Example: Arthur S. Greene. Steamship CITY OF WORCESTER. Electronic Record. 2011.8.18. Retrieved June 11, 2011, from


The Port Jefferson Village Digital Archive will not digitize analog media protected by United States copyright laws unless appropriate permissions have been secured.


The Digital Archive seeks the public’s participation in preserving audio, graphic and textual records about Port Jefferson’s culture and history. If you would like to provide originals for digitization, storage and dissemination, please Contact Us. You will be credited in accession records and by “source” in the metadata. Clients will also be given a DVD of their collection, protecting the images from repeated handling while providing a backup in the event of theft or damage.


The Digital Archive is administered by the Incorporated Village of Port Jefferson through the office of the Port Jefferson Village Historian with support from the Port Jefferson Harbor Education and Arts Conservancy.


The goals of the Port Jefferson Village Digital Archive are to

  1. unify local government, not-for-profit organizations, private individuals, and other parties in a community effort to save and share audio, graphic and textual records;
  2. preserve, protect and promote Port Jefferson’s rich culture and history;
  3. increase access to analog media by converting physical records to electronic form, making the resulting digital facsimiles available on the Internet;
  4. contribute to scholarly research;
  5. provide unique educational opportunities for area residents; and
  6. create a virtual museum, supplementing the physical exhibits at the Village Center.

Our Village historian is Chris Ryon


The Port Jefferson village historian is a public officer responsible for matters relating to the community’s past.

The duties of the Port Jefferson village historian are research/writing, teaching/public presentations, organization/advocacy, and historic preservation

The village historian’s office is in the Archive Room on the mezzanine of the Port Jefferson Village Center.

The village historian is publicly available during the following hours:

Saturday: 9am – 12noon

Monday: 9am – 12noon


Port Jefferson Village Digital Archive
101A East Broadway
Port Jefferson, NY 11777

631-802-2165 or

The archive room is open 9 – 4 Monday-Friday, if you would like to drop in with any questions, purchase photos or drop off photos you would like to donate.