Restaurant Guidelines 5/17/20

Restaurants in the Village of Port Jefferson must follow the state mandated guidelines for takeout and curbside pick up
restaurants are allowed to serve TAKE AWAY cocktails with your FOOD orders

Take away cocktails and food must be handed out in a bag or container that is CLOSED

The bag may not be open

There must be lids in cups

Cups CANNOT have straws in them

There must be food in the bag

If a patron wants to only order Takeaway cocktails please donate or provide an item of food such as french fries or chips in the bag so you are complying with the New York State law

These are very clear guidelines

Restaurants MAY NOT serve OPEN alcohol out of a window to allow patrons to sit and drink curbside

Restaurants will be served a violation and the individual will be served a violation for drinking alcohol on the streets of the Village in Port Jefferson

If everybody follows the guidelines of serving take away cocktails with the food as directed above everyone will be OK