Dear Residnet,

I would like to take a minute to thank the men and women of our Dept of Public works, Code Enforcement, Ambulance Corp, Fire Department and all the staff in the Village. Every member of the emergency team stepped up and worked round the clock over the last five days to keep this Village safe, intact and operational.  I realize there remains several areas of the Village where residents still have no power or Internet service. We continue to work with LIPA on clearing the fallen trees within various neighborhood etc. Once they are cleared and the main substation is repaired, the remaining power will come on line. Please continue to support your neighbors, our seniors and those who need electric, heat and a hot meal. At this time approx 60% of the overall service has been restored to our residential areas and we continue to work with LIPA. 

We are currently 50% clear of the storm debris, and 75% cleared of the major trees fallen into the utility lines within the Village. Our DPW crew continues to work around the clock, but maintains the priority of clearing the roads in order to get power up, keeping emergency routes accessible while now also conserving gasoline and diesel consumption.  

Our schools will reopen Monday, golf course for walkers only on Saturday, Farmers Market will resume on Sunday and many of the local businesses are open and operational in both lower and upper Port. Ferry service is running however LIRR ridership is still suspended until further notice. 

Please continue to reach out to your neighbors. We will continue to work until all power and services are restored throughout the Village. 

1. File insurance claims as soon as possible, if you haven’t already done so. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners offers important advice and tips for filing your claim. The National Flood Insurance Program also provides information on filing a flood insurance claim.2. The SBA offers several low-interest, long-term disaster loans to small businesses in declared disaster areas, including business physical disaster loans and economic injury disaster loans. You can apply for loans up to $2 million for both uninsured and underinsured damages.
You can apply directly online. Once submitted, the SBA will send an inspector to estimate the cost of damage.3.  Apply for tax relief if needed, which will allow for expedited returns or delayed tax filings.

4. FEMA and the American Red Cross also offer a number of services, including free legal servicescrisis counseling, and advice for financial recovery.


Thank you for your patience and your understanding during these trying times. I know all of us in the Community of Port Jefferson will pull together, help and assist our neighbors and we will overcome the ordeals and distresses that we are experiencing right now!

 Margot Garant