Coronavirus Update from Mayor Garant 3/26/2020

Every day the Village is on a 4:00 call with all the other Town Supervisors and Village Mayors in Suffolk county.
Today’s numbers are up significantly with 9,680 tests taken in Suffolk with 2,735 testing positive. In Brookhaven, we have 398 reported positive cases with 11 in Port Jefferson. Of the total 2,735 tested positive, 287 are hospitalized with 103 now in the ICU. The number of ICU cases has doubled in the last two days.
Please be advised since there is still a limited number of tests, not all individuals who call to be tested are getting tested – which means that there are many people who may have been denied a test who may be carriers – this is why we are asking people to self quarantine and stay home. So the numbers only tell us part of the story – although they are climbing.
As such, we continue to see a spike and an increased demand on our hospitals. We are doing a call out for supplies – masks and gloves please. Any thing you can drop off behind village hall tomorrow, Friday between 10:00-2:00 will be given to our hospitals and our EMS – which is in dire need of small N95 masks.
We will hear about an extension of school closures in the very near future but more than likely they will remain closed as we have not entered into the top surge of this pandemic.
In closing, if you see a business and question about whether or not it’s essential or not operating according to the guidelines – please call 311. The county will investigate and enforce.
Please stay the course – and visit our website for guidance or call is at Village Hall Monday – Friday (631) 473-4724 and we will assist you in any way we can.