Coronavirus Update from Mayor Garant 3/22/2020

There is a new state mandate to increase hospital beds by 50% and cancel all elective surgeries – SBU is setting up a regional hospital with the army corps of engineers –
The state will likely expand hospital beds by 100% within the week.

The count in Brookhaven for positive test cases are 147 out of 984 tests given in Suffolk. Of the 147 positive cases 89 are hospitalized and of those 89, 28 are in ICU.

Landscapers are deemed an essential business to keep properties from becoming overgrown.

Businesses can make a request to the Empire State development to be deemed essential – you can find the link in the Suffolk county website. All businesses can call 311 for a representative from the Dept. of Labor to answer any business related question.

Donations for masks are being asked for by all locals hospitals – if you have any masks to donate please deliver them to Village Hall and we will ENSURE they get distributed to the place they are needed the MOST in a timely manner.

We were informed that there are study’s underway with the FDA for an anti body test which would eliminate the need for quarantine. I’m sure we will hear much more about this in the main media news.

Food supply chains are in good order – there is plenty of supply in the chain – no need to hoard groceries – please!!

One last reminder – please keep your children from playing or gathering in groups! We need to sustain the social distancing!

Code and SCP just broke up the large bicycle gang that came into PJV from upper port – over 30 individuals – their bikes will be confiscated the next time they come here.

Stay home
Stay safe
Stay the course

Mayor Garant