Coronavirus Update from Trustee Snaden 5/5/2020

Governor Cuomo has said that businesses that are most essential and pose the lowest risk will be the first to open.

Phase 1: Manufacturing, construction, curbside pickup etc.

Phase 2: Professional services, retail, real estate

Phase 3: Restaurants, food services etc.

Phase 4: Arts, sports, education.

As of now, Cuomo is saying Long Island is not on track to reopen by May 15th.

The metrics that must be reached to reopen are the following:

1. New hospitalizations: A 14-day decline in hospitalizations, or fewer than 15 new hospitalizations a day (on a three-day average).

2. Hospital fatalities: A 14-day decline in hospital deaths, or fewer than five hospital deaths a day (on a three-day average).

3. New hospitalizations, adjusted per capita. For every 100,000 residents, fewer than two new hospitalizations a day (on a three-day average).

4. Hospital bed capacity. A hospital bed capacity of at least 30%.

5. ICU bed capacity. An ICU bed capacity of at least 30%.

6. Testing. For every 1,000 residents, at least 30 residents tested per month (on a seven-day average of new tests per day).

7. Contact tracing. At least 30 contact tracers per 100,000 residents.

It’s my understanding that Suffolk County has reached 2 of the 7 to date.