Snow Emergency Preparedness

As you probably know, the County of Suffolk is under a Blizzard Warning for Tuesday through Wednesday. High Winds and Snow accumulation of 12 – 20 inches or more is expected, with wind gusts as high as 55 MPH. We are expecting dangerous travel due to whiteout conditions at times. Roads may become impassable. Power outages possible. Damaging wind gusts possible with low visibility

Mayor Garant has declared a Snow Emergency effective 11:00 PM, Monday Evening March 13, 2017, through Tuesday March 14, 2017, due to the Major Winter Storm/ Blizzard expected to arrive in the Port Jefferson Area early Tuesday Morning. Please be aware that the Inc. Village of Port Jefferson Port Jefferson is prepared for this emergency and the DPW will do its best to stay ahead of the storm and plow the roads when it is safe to do so.

Mayor Garant, the Board of Trustees and Village Staff want to assure the safety and wellbeing of the Village residents and workers during the storm and in the aftermath of the storm. You are strongly advised to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary! This will allow the Village plows and emergency vehicles the ability to clear the streets properly and ensure the safety of the General Public. The Village Code Enforcement Bureau will be out patrolling the Village and enforcing Public Safety.

Should you need Code assistance please call them at 631-774-0066.

Please make sure the following points are adhered to:

  • Parking will be prohibited on Main and East Main Streets during the emergency period.
  • East Broadway will be closed from High Street to Cliff Road
  • Per the Village Code, all cars parked on a Snow Emergency Street should be removed from those streets. Cars that remain parked there are subject to summons and could be towed at the owner’s expense. Prohibition of parking shall continue for a period of 12 hours from the cessation of the snow.

(To view a complete list of the Snow Emergency Streets, please refer to Section 245-68 – Schedule XX of the Village Code which can be found at the Village Website – CLICK HERE

  • Store Owners and Home Owners are reminded, per section 215-12 of the Village Code (Village Website – – ), of their obligation to clear the snow off the adjoining sidewalks within 4 hours of the cessation of the snow. For those properties that lie in the Business Improvement District – the Village and BID have contracted with a company to clear the snow off the sidewalks on the following streets – Main Street ( From the Harbor to the Train Tracks –both sides), East Main (Both Sides), West Broadway (From Main Street to Barnum Ave.) East Broadway (from Main to East Main – both sides), Arden Place (Both Sides), Mill Creek, Barnum Ave. (Both Sides), Maple Place ( From Main Street to Rosener Place) Old Post Road West (on the North side, from the High School to Brook Road), Perry Street (Both Sides), Linden Place (Both Sides). The contactor will make one pass when the snow ceases. The property owner is responsible to make sure that sidewalks stay clear of all snow and ice.
  • If there is a Fire Hydrant in front of your home, for safety reasons please make sure it is clear of any snow/ ice so the PJFD can gain easy access.
  • To report an electric outage to PSEG: Call 1-800-490-0075. When reporting an outage, please use the option of providing a phone number so that PSEGcan call you back with service restoration updates. For more PSEG information please refer to their web site –
  • For information on the storm –
  • If you are experiencing an emergency that needs the assistance of SCPD please call 911.