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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Fire Marshal’s Office to prevent and/or reduce the incidence of fire and other man-made or natural incidents by increasing the awareness and knowledge of the residents and businesses respecting fire safety, and emergency preparedness. We will actively participate with our community, and strive to effectively and efficiently utilize all resources made available, to provide safety and excellent customer service to the citizens, businesses and visitors of the Village of Port Jefferson.


The Port Jefferson Fire Marshal’s & Emergency Management Office protects life and property from fires, explosion, and man-made and natural hazards through aggressive investigation of fire and hazardous materials incidents, fire protection inspection services, enforcement of the State and local Fire Prevention laws, and public safety education. Fire Marshals provide technical planning and emergency response assistance to the Port Jefferson Fire and EMS Agencies. Emergency management operations including planning and coordination of activities to prepare, respond and mitigate planned events and emergency incidents.

Fire Marshal
Lee Brett 631.473.4744 ext 20

Deputy Fire Marshal
David Williams 631.473.4744 ext 20

Mailing Address
Port Jefferson Fire Marshal’s Office
88 North Country Rd
Port Jefferson, NY 11777

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Emergency Management
Department of Public Works

Fire Marshal FAQ’s

  • Why are fire investigations important?

    Conducting fire investigations are very important to ensure the safety of the public. By doing a thorough and methodical investigation, the staff of the Fire Marshal’s Office may determine if a fire was accidental in nature, or incendiary (intentionally set). Should a fire be determined accidental, it is important to determine the cause to help identify possible trends that could produce recalls of defective equipment, as well as provide assistance to insurance companies who maintain coverage to victims of fire.

  • What buildings must be inspected by the Fire Marshal's Office?

    All buildings within the Village of Port Jefferson, with the exception of single and two-family homes, are required to be inspected by the Fire Marshal’s Office. Single and two-family homes are within the jurisdiction of the local Building Official.

  • How do I arrange for an inspection by the Fire Marshal's Office?

    Requesting an inspection by the Fire Marshal’s Office is simple. You may contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at (631) 473-4744 to request an inspection.

  • Do I need carbon monoxide detectors in my home or business?

    Yes, several State, County and local laws do require carbon monoxide detectors in homes and businesses, including, Amanda’s Law, which specifically requires that carbon monoxide detectors be installed in homes. This law can be found online on the NY State Department website.

  • Do I need smoke detectors in my home or business?

    Yes, all residential properties require smoke detectors in each sleeping area as well as adjacent to sleeping areas. Depending on when a house was built, some smoke detectors wiU either need to be battery powered or required to be hard-wired and interconnected. The Fire Marshal’s Office can provide more specific information.

  • Do fire extinguishers need to be inspected?

    Yes, fire extinguishers must be inspected on an annual basis by a licensed contractor (not by the Fire Marshal’s Office). The contractor must be licensed by Suffolk County to perform this work.

  • Do private fire hydrants on apartment or condominium complexes have to be tested?

    Yes, fire hydrants must be flow tested and maintained on an annual basis by a licensed and qualified contractor.

  • Are commercial properties required to test their fire and smoke detection and sprinkler systems?

    Yes, New York State Fire Code requires that all systems be tested and maintained on an annual basis. All work must be performed by a New York State Alarm Installer.

Permits & Plans

  • Do I need a permit to install a Hood and Duct system?

    Yes, a Fire Prevention Permit from the Fire Marshal’s Office and a Building Permit from the Department of Planning and Development’s Building Division are required to install a Hood a Duct System:

  • Do I need to submit plans for a fire suppression and detection system?

    Yes, it is required to submit plans for any new installation or any alteration of an existing fire suppression and detection system.

  • I am doing some landscaping and land clearing on my property. Can I burn the debris (leaves, brush, twigs)?

    No. Burning of any land clearing debris is prohibited.

  • I am considering installing a fire sprinkler system in my business. Are there any Village requirements?

    Yes. The professional installer must apply for a permit for the installation.