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PJ Country Club & Harbor Front Park Program

Make This A Summer To Remember! 

Tennis & Golf @ PJCC | Maritime Exploring | Arts & Craft Room Sports Court | GaGa Ball Pits | Summer Reading Program | Fishing/Crab hunts

The PORT JEFFERSON COUNTRY CLUB & HARBOR FRONT PROGRAM was developed to provide a rich and rewarding summer experience for your child. Led by experienced, nurturing professionals with a 8 to 1 ratio, our program also boasts the finest facilities available at our Port Jefferson Country Club, and Harbor front Park/ PJ Village Center (Indoors on rainy days). Our exceptional staff will work diligently, to ensure the safety and securities of your child at all times, and also provide a fantastic summer experience. This year, we have even more options than ever to choose from.

Our Programs


    Full Day 9 am – 4 pm
    Morning 9 am – 12 noon
    Afternoon 1 – 4 pm

    Our Harbor front Park/PJVC Program will allow your child to share summertime fun with good friends at Harbor front Park! Daily activities include our sports programs (basketball, soccer, GaGa Ball, volleyball), Arts & Craft Room, Maritime Explorer Days, Summer Reading program, crab hunting, fishing and our end of summer Olympic challenge.


    Afternoon Only 1 – 4 pm

    Port Jefferson Country Club Golf & Tennis Academy will provide all children with an instructional & play program by the PJCC Assistant Director of Tennis & PJCC Assistant Golf Professional. Ages 5 – 14 yrs. Children will be divided by skill. All equipment will be provided. Golf & Tennis dress attire a must!


    Full Day: 9 am – 4 pm

    Our PJCC Golf/Tennis Academy & Harbor front Park Program offers a full day of activities. During the morning children will enjoy Fishing, Sports Courts & more. From 12-1pm children will enjoy free-time and lunch on our Harbor front Park. At 1 pm our village bus will transport the children to the PJCC, where they will receive an instructional & play program by the PJCC Director of Tennis & PJCC Assistant Golf Professional. Children will be divided by skill. All equipment will be provided for each child. Golf & Tennis dress attire a must! Ages 5 -14 yrs.

  • C.I.T. | Counselor in Training Program

    9 am – 4 pm

    The C.I.T. role at our program is to learn about our Harbor front Park Programs & PJCC programs and how to work with young children. C.I.T. will have less responsibility supervising children and more emphasis on the skills of training. Ages 15 yrs and older.

  • Elite Golf Academy (Extended After Care)

    Tuesday – Friday Afternoon Only: 4 – 5:30 pm

    Our Elite Golf Academy is designed for the juniors that are passionate about golf. This program will be additional to the golf/tennis academy and with be golf specific. During this program juniors will get one on one attention from our Assistant Golf Professional Jake Anderson. They will also use this time to get on the golf course and learn about etiquette, rules, definitions and how to “play” golf.

  • Tennis Academy (Extended After Care)

    Monday – Friday Afternoon only 4 pm – 5 pm

    Our Tennis Academy is designed for all skill levels. During this program all children will learn new skills & practice. This program is under the direction of Assistant Tennis Professional Fernando Juguera.

LOCATIONS: Harbor front Park/Port Jefferson Village Center, Port Jefferson Country Club

REGISTRATION: Please register at the PJ Village Center. Call 631-802-2160 or email: rlemmerman@portjeff.com

PAYMENT: Credit cards accepted (Visa/MC/Discover only) NO REFUNDS

*Limited Enrollment*

Camp Options

June 26 – August 18, 2017

  • Full-Day 9-4pm

    Full Day Harbor Front Park/PJVC Only
    (Ages 5 – 14 yrs):

    PJCC Golf/Tennis & Harbor front Park
    (Ages 5 – 14 yrs):

    C.I.T. Counselor in Training
    (15 yrs only):

  • Half-Day

    PJCC Golf/Tennis Only 
    (Ages 5 – 14 yrs):
    (1-4pm only) $998  

    Harbor front Park/PJVC Only 
    (Ages 5 – 14 yrs):
    (9-12 noon or 1-4pm) $595

  • Extended After Care Programs

    Elite Golf Academy
    (7-12 yrs) Tues-Fri
    4-5:30pm: $590

    Tennis Academy
    (7-12yrs) Mon-Fri
     4-5pm: $585

June 26 – August 18, 2017

  • Harbor front Park/PJVC (5-14 yrs)  
    9–12 noon: $560

    PJCC Golf/Tennis Academy & Harbor Front Park
    9–4 pm: $1, 290

    Elite Golf Academy (7-12 yrs) Tues-Fri 
    4–5:30 pm: $450

    Tennis Academy (7-14yrs) 
    4-5pm: $400


DIRECTOR | Gerard Siani: Gerard is a NYS Certified Teacher at Mt. Sinai School District (6th grade) and a PJHS Graduate. This is Gerard’s 4th year coordinating the program.

, NYS Certified Elementary School Teacher. Jordan has extensive experience working with children of all ages.

PJCC DIRECTOR OF TENNIS | Fernando Juguera | 10 and Under Leader | Kenny Gaudio