Inc. Village of Port Jefferson

Village Elections

June 17, 2014at the VILLAGE CENTER

 Please take notice that the next election of the Inc. Village of Port Jefferson will be held at the Village Center – 101A East Broadway, on Tuesday, the 17th of June, 2014 between the hours of 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM (prevailing time).

At this election, the following offices are to be filled for the terms set opposite such offices.

                     Office                                           Term

                        Trustee                                   Two (2) years


Please take further notice that the following persons have filed petitions in my office and have accepted the nomination and designation as a candidate to seek the office set opposite their names:


Candidate                                          Office 

Bruce G Miller                                   Trustee

109 Scraggy Hill Road

Port Jefferson, NY 


Jill Nees-Russell                                 Trustee

33 Pilgrim Drive

Port Jefferson, NY 


Bruce D’Abramo                              Trustee

706 Brewster Ct.

Port Jefferson, NY