FERC Complaint – Docket No. EL12-89-000

  1. You must first Register
    • Go to www.ferc.gov and at the top of the page, look for the “Documents & Filings” header.
    • Click on “Documents & Filings” and a drop down menu appears.
    • Click on “eRegister”
    • Provide name, address, email address and then create a password for access. (jot it down for later use)
  2. Prepare your support letter in Word and save it to your computer for uploading.  Feel free to use one of the two templates below:
  3. To upload your letter:
    • Go to www.ferc.gov
    • Click on “Documents & Filings” and a drop down menu appears.
    • Click on “eFiling”
    • You will need to make selections by providing these answers to the following questions:
      • Q: How is your filing to be directed? A: “General”
      • Q: What kind of filing are you making? A: “Comment (on Filing, Environ., Report or Tech Conf.)”
      • Q: Filing Type (Fee). A: “Comment”
    • Once these questions have been answered, press “Next”
    • Then type in the Docket No. “EL12-89” in the blank box.
    • The Village complaint will appear; then click on the blue “x” mark under “select” to select it and this selects the Village docket number (only one docket should appear).
    • The next screen will allow commenter to browse, upload their comment/correspondence as an attachment. The commenter then types a brief description of the documents being attached. A receipt will be forward to commenter’s email address followed by a separate email notifying commenter of acceptance.