Port Jefferson, NY (December 13, 2011)  The NYS Regional Council announces $100,000 grant award for Port Jefferson Village for improved public access to Harborfront Park and the Port Jefferson Village Marina Complex.  The award of $100,000 will finance public access improvements to the Harborwalk and Harborfront Park in the Village of Port Jefferson.  The park, adjacent to the Port Jefferson / Bridgeport Ferry terminal, has become an established tourist destination on the North Shore and has revitalized Port Jefferson’s adjacent downtown business district.

As written in the grant, Completion of Harborwalk will increase access to and encourage appreciation of a newly created public space on the waterfront that includes areas for passive recreation, picnicking and maritime appreciation.  This project preserves the beautiful harbor view and increases access to the entire waterfront and adjacent park and Village Center.  This project supports, rather than adversely affects, our natural resources by encouraging foot traffic along the shore line and waterfront as opposed to cars.


Last week, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced $785 million has been awarded through the Regional Economic Development Council initiative to drive economic growth and create jobs.   For complete release regarding Strategic Plan Rankings and Funding Packages for Regions, go to:


 Inc. Village of Port Jefferson, Mayor Margot Garant states, “This grant allows us to finish the portion of the boardwalk directly contiguous to Harborfront Park and Danfords Hotel and Marina with the appropriate brush steel rail and finish so visitors can connect from our Park to the Town of Brookhaven newly finished boardwalk. “